Friday, May 21, 2010

What Does the Christian Alternative Look Like.

The Christian Alternative exists on four levels. We will look at these one at a time.

The first level of the Christian Alternative is the family. We believe that the family under the authority of the father is the basic unit for teaching, evangelising, healing, and praying. The family is seen in a semi monastic light, keeping the hours as is practical for their situation. It is hoped that each member of the family will find time to pray on their own, that the parents would learn to pray together, and that twice a day the family would unite together for liturgical prayer.

During the course of times the parents share and explain the faith to their children. They demonstrate evangelism and a true Christian life style. They will encourage their children to pray, witness and study God's word, and prepare them to receive the Lord. As well over the course of time, the family will read the entire Bible.

As well, we envision families eating together as much as possible, and celebrating the Sabbath and other festivals together, using these as ways to teach the faith. We find that strong families eat together, and strong families accept the head ship of the father. Families can get together and visit hospitals and nursing homes.

Does your family pray together twice a day?
Do you and your spouse pray together without the kids once a day?
Do you all try and keep the lesser hours?
Do you read and study the Bible and encourage the kids to do so as well?
Are you on a programme where the whole Bible will be read by your family.
Do you have the confidence to share Christ?
Do you have the confidence to pray for and heal the sick?
Does your family tithe?